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Africa Is Peaceful

  • Africa is far more peaceful than it was in a decade ago. The wars that ripped apart the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Sierra Leone which sucked in its neighbours, causing millions of deaths, have largely been quelled.


  • A few states, such as Somalia, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, are in chaos, but overall, the risk of dying violently in Africa has tumbled. The latest ranking of the world’s most violent countries by the Geneva Declaration includes just two African states (Lesotho and Swaziland) among its top ten.

Business Opportunities in Africa

  • Only a few years ago, people started queuing up to invest in Africa. Private-equity funds dedicated to Africa raised record sums to invest in shopping malls and firms making everything from nappies to fruit juice.
  • There was a prospect of selling to the fast-growing African middle class, which by one measure numbered 350m people. Miners sank billions into African soil to feed the world’s appetite for minerals.
  • The potential rewards from a market of 1.2 billion people are too juicy to ignore, despite the risks. However, doing business in Africa can sometimes be enormously frustrating without the right partners, network and personnel. This brings in handy a company like Prompt Consult which is rendering first rate service to its clients.

Prompt Consult 

  • Is a company that believes in Africa, its potential and people! Prompt Consult seeks to provide tailor-made services and guidance for companies and investors to mitigate the challenges associated with doing business in Africa. This includes the provision of innovatively dynamic and cost effective solutions to these challenges with results achieved through using appropriate approaches to demystify doing business in Africa.
  • Prompt Consult is an African business operating across the African continent. It is a concierge company with a unique and global network of contacts and an expert team of Businesses Managers across various sectors. Recently, the company introduced Personal Concierge services, a concept yet to be entirely understood and embraced by players within the African industry.
  • At Prompt Consult, we believe the continent’s future depends on people, not commodities!



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