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-Arts Growth Foundation Ghana-

Arts Growth Foundation Ghana (AGFG) is a registered non-governmental organization based in Accra, Ghana. AGFG seeks to stimulate discussions, initiate concepts for the general development of the Ghanaian Arts and Entertainment industry by:

  • Marketing Ghanaian arts extensively
  • Build the capacity of practitioners within the Ghanaian arts space
  • Create cross cultural experiences for Ghanaian arts practitioners
  • Building of synergy between Ghanaian arts practitioners and their foreign counterparts

Founded on the conviction that the arts and creative media can awaken and release human potential in profound and unique ways, the Arts Growth Foundation Ghana seeks to establish a dependable relationship among individuals, communities, artists, and organizations working to create vibrant and sustainable approaches to human prosperity.

AGFG believes that education plays a central role in all effective development work. Creative, artistic and cultural expression enhances the education process by empowering and inspiring a vision for prosperity and well-being that transcends the limitations of a mechanical or materialistic approach to human development.

AGFG plays a leading role in fostering the integration of the arts in development and education, this is done through the following:

  • Establishing a global network for collaboration for members of the AGFG
  • Looking out for initiatives that utilize the arts for developmental projects
  • Fundraising for strategic projects by AGFG or its members
  • Training for personnel of AGFG and its members
  • Creating partnerships and serving the needs of like-minded organizations
  • Seeking opportunities to increase awareness about the power of the arts in inspiring and releasing human potential

Membership of the AGFG is open to everyone that operates in the creative arts space such as:

  • Musicians
  • Movie actors / actresses
  • Painters / artists
  • Poets / spoken word
  • Content creators
  • Talent managers
  • Fashion entrepreneurs
  • Sporting personalities